Brain Supplements Demystified

brain supplementsBrain supplements have been growing in popularity over the past few years. This can be partly due to aging of baby boomers and a new awareness and interest in overall health among people in general – especially health of the mind.

When thinking about adding brain supplements to your health regime you must consider the desired outcome first. Most supplements are geared to a specific part of the brain, whereby some will work on boosting focus and concentration and others on memory. Some brain supplements will have a combination, but these will often have lower amounts of the active ingredient.

Regardless of how many supplements you take if you are not taking care of your overall health these brain supplements will have little to offer. It all begins with a healthy lifestyle, which means eating right, de-stressing, getting lots of sleep, and discovering ways to increase pleasure and joy. Although, most important is eating right. Some foods are specifically geared to the brain.

However, if you are still interested in supplementation here are 5 great products that we recommend.


5 Recommended Brain Supplements

1. Ephinany D1


It works as follows:

  • Epiphany D1 was designed to balance focus with mental vigilance.
  • Epiphany D1 is balanced, with moderate doses of a few synergistic brain-foods that work by providing the foundation for better structure and function of your brain.
  • Epiphany D1 provides precursors for key neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine. It puts them to use by improving blood flow to promote overall brain metabolism.via Zharp Mind – Best Brain Supplements

2. Cerebral Success

If your looking for a one stop product that targets all areas of brain power as mentioned above (focus, mental agility, memory, and health) then look no further because Cerebral Success has got it all. via 10 Best Brain Supplements From 2013 – SupplementHQ

This product which is targeted for brain performance is often used by College students prepping for exams. The company has recently announced that they will soon be coming out with Cerebral Success brain boosting shots.

“These new Cerebral Success brain boosting shots will contain the same tested and loved formula as the original Cerebral Success, but will now be available in a much more convenient package,” explains Trevor Hiltbrand, Founder and CEO of the company. via Cerebral Success Announces New Product To Take Cognitive Drug …

3. HCF – Happy Calm Focused

Unlike herbal and multi-vitamin supplements, this brain booster uses a unique formula that actually targets the brain and penetrates to the blood brain barrier to support the increase of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter levels responsible for making you feel happy, calm, and focused everyday. HCF Happy Calm Focused is an amino acid based supplement packed with balanced delivery system of micro neuro-nutrients. via Top 7 Brain Supplements And Memory Supplements

4. BodyQuick

This product has been around for some time and was developed by Timothy Ferriss; the well known author who wrote the book the ‘4 Hour Work Week’. In his book he talks about his company BrainQuicken and his overall interest in brain related pharmaceuticals. His company is the one that developed BodyQuick, which has been enjoyed and revered by millions as the number one selling brain boosting supplement on the market.

BodyQuick has a long list of ingredients of which many have been cited in medical research studies. As with most natural formulations the effects take some time to kick in. On average 2-3 weeks in order to begin noticing an effect. However, the company does make some claims that this time frame is shortened.

Benefits include: faster neural transmission, greater information processing and memory storage, and better recall ability. These are supposed to last for 2-6 hours after each dose, making BodyQuick attractive for those studying for a big test. via BodyQuick by BrainQuicken Review – Brain Supplements

5. Excelerol

Some classify this as the best of the brain supplements. It is said to out rank all others when it comes to memory and concentration. It is a natural herbal remedy.

Excelerol is marketed as increasing memory, it also has other positive side effects such as making you more focused, more energetic, and even elevating your mood. via Best Memory Supplements That Won’t Break Your Bank Account …


Dr. Oz and Brain Supplements

Dr. Oz recently discussed his own morning supplement regime, which includes ingredients found in many brain supplements. The primary being DHA Omega 3, which has been proven to boost brain power and recommended for everyone to take daily.

Watch this video to see how he starts off his morning…



Final Thoughts About Brain Supplements

While the idea of increased focus, concentration, and memory may be luring you toward brain supplements make sure to do your homework. You want to know what the active ingredients are, do they have side effects and if so what, and of course if there is a known interaction with other drugs. One of the biggest problems with any natural supplement or medication in general is the adverse effects it can have when combined with another drug. Just because it is natural does not mean that it is not dangerous. Educate yourself and then make a sound decision. Never buy brain supplements on a whim or compulsively.


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