diseases that affect memory loss

Memory Loss Diseases Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

Could your memory loss be caused by an actual medical condition versus a simple case of forgetfulness? We often attribute memory loss with aging, but there are a number of memory disorders ... Continue Reading →
drugs and memory loss

The Facts About Drugs and Memory Loss

Do you often forget peoples names? Or forget why you went from one room to another? Or what about what you had for dinner last night? These are all signs of short term memory loss and ... Continue Reading →
working memory impairment

New Research Reveals Link Between Childhood Abuse and Working Memory Impairment

Is childhood abuse responsible for working memory impairment? A relationship often not considered, but one that requires some thought and validity. We certainly know that there are ... Continue Reading →

How the Brain Works

Lately, if you have noticed there is lots of media attention on brain health. Eat this food, play this game, exercise, etc. all with the benefit of improving the brain and decreasing ... Continue Reading →
Brain Trivia Mindrig

Brain Trivia Infographic

Ever wondered how much water the brain contains? Or what percentage of oxygen the brain actually gets? What about the number of brain cells that you lose each day? Learn all this and ... Continue Reading →

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Connection

How good is your memory? Do you even know? When is the last time that you actually tested your memory? Well chances are if you are over stressed, over worked, not exercising regularly ... Continue Reading →

Understanding Health and Memory Loss

Interested in having a memory that others will envy? Do you want to improve your memory, concentration, and focus? Well it all begins with understanding health and memory loss and ... Continue Reading →