How the Brain Works

Lately, if you have noticed there is lots of media attention on brain health. Eat this food, play this game, exercise, etc. all with the benefit of improving the brain and decreasing ... Continue Reading →
One of the Foods that Improves Memory

Is Chocolate One of the Foods that Improves Memory?

We secretly indulge in it. Use it to lift our mood. Warm us up on a cold winters day. And package it up with a pretty bow for almost any occasion. What am I talking about? Of course ... Continue Reading →
memory tips featured image

Fast and Effective Memory Tips and Tricks

We all desire to have a great memory and certainly find it frustrating when it starts to fail on us. Using some simple memory tips and tricks on a regular basis can keep our minds sharp ... Continue Reading →
Brain Trivia Mindrig

Brain Trivia Infographic

Ever wondered how much water the brain contains? Or what percentage of oxygen the brain actually gets? What about the number of brain cells that you lose each day? Learn all this and ... Continue Reading →